Growth across data-driven creativity made for humans.

Who we are

We're a one-of-a-kind, innovative digital marketing agency native to the digital landscape. We blend creativity with meticulous data-driven analysis and profound media expertise.



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Rebel Moon x Mega y Netflix | Hash Marketing



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Netflix and Bumble


Smart Bamboo

Creativity never sleeps.

What we're made of

Content Curators

Creatively we translate data into large amounts of content at low cost through different channels, creating a sustained impact through a constant and open dialogue between the brand and the audience.

Data Made

We understand the track to superior work based on extensive research and a creative game plan rooted in the brand purpose with precise and measurable objectives.

Journey Thinkers

From bottom to top, we believe all our work needs to connect with consistency at every step the consumer takes.

Creative Focused

We know that high-quality creativity that feels human impacts better and creates solid connections, by tapping into a culture where ads are resisted, but stories are welcome.


Mr. Tofu

Here everything is plant-based.

Mr Tofu Marketing Hash Agencia de Publicidad



Blending is natural.

What we do

Our collaboration with clients involves crafting strategies and content that not only fuel business growth but also transform the way brands engage and inspire audiences.

Let's Do Something Amazing

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